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Day 3

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Although the tour does not officially begin until 7:00 p.m. this evening, we have met some of our fellow travellers. This morning we met May and Marietta and after some coffee, we decided to join them for the first part of the day.

For the last two days Don and I have many runners, I mentioned to Don that I have seen as many runners in Lima as I have seen along the sea wall in Vancouver. Well, it turns out that there was a race this morning. Several runners went past our hotel and as when we went outside, we realized Araquipa Ave was closed to vehicle traffic and security guards were standing at all the intersections. None of the runners wore race bibs and most were carrying water bottles, so I'm not sure exactly what type of race it was. As we got closer to the city centre we noticed that children and disabled people were also participating. It was lots of fun to cheer for everyone as we walked along the road to catch the city bus downtown.

Marietta and May had already taken the bus, but because Araquipa Ave was closed to traffic, we had to walk for several blocks to catch the bus. The fare to ride the bus was about 40 cents.

Our destination was the cathedral of San Francisco and the catacombs. Don and I have felt very safe while in Miraflores and Barracon, but May and Marietta reiterated the warnings we had been given to be very careful when we among crowds of people, as we would be around the cathedral.

Going back to the historic area of Lima gave us another chance to explore the area we had seen on the tour bus, and to see the square and old buildings in daylight.

The tour of the catacombs cost about $3.30 each. Our English speaking guide gave us lots of information about the history of the Lima, the cathedral and the catacombs. Several times she mentioned damage that two earthquakes had caused and I confess I was a bit nervous walking through the catacombs. The guide reassured everyone that the catacombs are the foundation of the cathedral and have never had any damage from an earthquake.

After the tour we headed back to the hotel. We stopped at a market and bought a few things. Braden, I purchased a pair of socks, hopefully they will keep my feet warm when we're on the trail.

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Exploring the city of Lima prior to joining our tour.

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Our trip from Vancouver to Lima went very smoothly. I'm always relieved when our luggage arrives, the driver we paid to collect us Just after midnight is still waiting fo us at 1:30 a.m., and the hotel has our reservations.

The hotel is located in Mariflores, an area popular with tourists visiting Lima. The first morning we chatted with some other guests in the restaurant while we were having breakfast and discovered that the famous beach area of Lima, the malecon, is located about a 45 minute walk from the hotel. Packing what we thought we needed for a day of exploring, cameras, water, snacks and sweaters, we headed to the malecon.

Araquipa Ave., the street leading to the beach area, is ideal for walking. There are four lanes of traffic, two in each direction, separated by a walking/biking trail. Although the trail crosses major roads, the traffic lights are on timers that count down, so travellers know exactly how long until the lights change.

The area surrounding the malecon is beautiful. We saw hundreds of city employees, wearing blue coveralls, sweeping street and pathways and weeding the gardens. Security guards were located every 50 meters which probably explains why this area is considered safe. There were many areas set aside for dogs, including bins for dog waste.

The malecon is located above high cliffs, which allow visitors spectacular views of the ocean. There was some wind and we watched a man make several unsuccessful attempts to kite fly.

At one area of the beach we saw a surfing competition and so we hiked down 285 stairs (I counted) and watched some of the surfers. Amazing!

After several hours of walking we decided to head back to the hotel. We noticed a small booth selling tickets for tours around the city. Don had heard about a park with fountains that light up at night, so we booked a three hour bus tour that would show us the main sites of Lima, including the fountain.

The tour was excellent, we saw historical Lima, observed the crazy traffic common in large cities, enjoyed a snack at the Sheraton and walked around the park and saw the lights.

As we walked back to the hotel, Don joked that he wanted to find a clock and take my picture next to the clock. I asked why and he said, so my kids could see how late I stayed out!

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Exploring Barracon

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Don and I discovered yesterday that walking along the melacon is easy and we had read that the area next to Miraflores, Barracon, is worth visiting, so we decided to head in that direction.

I tried using Strava, an app on my phone that records distance, to see how far we walked. I think I'm doing something wrong, because the app stops sometimes. In spite of stopping, by the time we reached the centre of Barracon, the app showed we had walked 8.6 km, so including our walk back to the hotel, we covered many km yesterday.

When we packed we remembered sunscreen and hats. Both of us got quite sunburnt the previous day, even though it was overcast. I guess the combination of walking along the ocean, the breeze and the sun behind the clouds combined to give us both very red faces.

Parts of Barracon have restored buildings that are very beautiful. There are many parks located in this area, most having a large monument located at the centre.

Bike path

Bike path

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